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I saved almost 50% in soccer equipment. I checked all online stores and the prices were astronomical. By chance, I could find Soccratis and I could not believe. It made my day.

Janice Coulter / Wisconsin, US

My twins are playing AYSO. They are learning the game. I needed soccer balls size 5. They lose them constantly, so I wanted to buy for a price that could suit me. And I found this great soccer store.

Maria Cannalo / Los Angeles, US

Soccratis is one of the few soccer stores online with competitive prices. Free returns? Are you kidding me. No one does that anymore. Their service is fast and nice. Thanks.

Margot Pineaux / Grenoble, France

The best soccer store online. Free shipping in ALL products and free returns in most products. I did not have to wait long for my soccer accessories.

Dieter Beck / Frankfurt, Germany

I bought 5 soccer jerseys, 3 balls, 3 pairs of socks and 3 pairs of shin guards. All under $20. Where are you going to find that kind of a deal?

Alexander Leste / New York, US

Impossible to find all that soccer gear for a decent price in Japan. Here the prices are too much for us.

Hidemi, Masaru / Osaka, Japan