Elite Soccer Camps in Barcelona, Spain, for Teams

World Sports Academy, Soccratis and Spanish professional team UE Cornella offer clubs, College or High School teams internationally the opportunity to hold soccer camps in Barcelona, SPAIN, in the premises of UE Cornella, the third most important Catalan soccer club, just behind the RCD Espanyol and FC Barcelona and FC Barcelona feeder.

UE Cornellà has earned a place among the most competitive team of Catalan soccer, and is one of the world’s most reputed agencies for the development of young talented players and soccer camps of this level.

During the training sessions, participants have the opportunity to learn and practice the technical and tactical concepts and the working methodology of the big clubs in Barcelona. 


The UE Cornellà (UEC) is proud  to show the world the good work done with soccer academy. See some of the professional players who went through our soccer camps. More than a 100 players were transferred to FC Barcelona categories in the last 10 years.

soccer camps in barcelona spain


We customize your soccer camp experience whether you want to stay 2 weeks like in the sample training sessions below or just 7 or 10 days.

soccer camps session example barcelona


We also help you prepare major youth soccer tournaments for boys and girls in Barcelona, SPAIN, like the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC), Barcelona Summer Cup, Football Cup Barcelona. We will assign you a Head Coach with experience in those tournaments.

The training schedule could be like the following below. Remember that we can customize everything to make your experience worthwhile during the summer or any time of the year.


360º soccer camp Barcelona Experience


For anyone who has a talent in soccer and wants to make a future out of it or anyone who have a dream of becoming a star, you don’t need to search for long because our camps in Barcelona, Spain, are the best place where you can be to achieve such goal. These camps have produced great soccer legends and stars and …. are still producing more. If you want to be one of the greatest stars, if you want your name to be heard all over the world, if you want to be a model, if you see yourself becoming a soccer role model to upcoming talents, the best place all these dreams can be made come true is at our soccer camps in Barcelona, Spain.

They have world-class trainers that will take you through the philosophy and psychology of soccer. They take you through and give you the best education. Our Barcelona soccer academy is the most visited by top European scouts. While at the camp, we recommend and give you the opportunity to play with top clubs of your dreams. We make stars and showcase them for the world to see. Don’t let that talent waste, let us help you build and improve on it. 



Our residence has caretaker and security 24 hours a day, common room with TV and entertainment room. The rooms have a capacity of 2-4 people, and have a private bathroom and WIFI access. We also the hotels option.

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