Help an AYSO Soccer Coach Out (HASCO)

Help an AYSO soccer coach out (HASCO) is a division of Soccratis.  Soccratis is American premier destination for soccer coaches and players. They can connect and work together to take the soccer game to the next level. We offer advice through our next of experts to those AYSO soccer coaches or youth teams in Los Angeles area.  If you are in need of extra support in the form of training sessions, drills or team guidance. Help an AYSO soccer coach out brings a fresh and fun methodology, drills and tips results driven. We will expand to the rest of the nation in the near future. Please ask for a coaching member in a different area. Headquarters are located in Redondo Beach, CA.


All soccer coaches providing assistance to  HASCO (Help an AYSO soccer coach out) teams will follow this unique methodology. The methodology is based upon the European game model approach and to be exact the offensive and fun style practiced in Barcelona (SPAIN). The new paradigm was created in conjunction between UE Cornella, a Spanish professional team and World Sports Academy.  Now we are proud at Soccratis that we can offer this modern approach to soccer in the United States.

The director of this division is internationally recognized and Barcelona native Diego Morata (click here to read more about him). An eminence in the acclaimed Barcelona soccer style. All coaches will be following his methodology and will be supervised by him and his team. Your are in the best hands with Help an AYSO soccer coach out.


1- Manifest a high level of skill on the ball impacts.
2- Transfer the skills developed in different areas of contact to the technical actions of the game.
3- Progressively run the quality and speed of technical execution.

Technical Actions:
1- Know the utility and the aspects on the run mode relating to each of the different technical actions.
2- Progressively develop the quality and speed of execution of the various technical actions.
3- Correct interpretation of the game situation to choose effectively run the technical action.

Pace of play:
1- Gradually increase the exercise tolerance threshold while maintaining efficiency and emphasizing the intensity-rate intervention.

Technical-tactical work:
1- Develop game sequences through the exercise, considering the mode and speed-run time.
2- Develop the ability to respond to different situations with optimum technical and tactical sequence.

Interpretation of the Game:
1- Develop the ability to streamline the game by understanding the situation to resolve considering the variables that are included in it (contrary, space, time, rules, regulations, etc).
2- Progressively develop soccer intelligence and consolidation of the criteria player game.


  • 1991-1999  Youth Coach: Honor and National Division
  • 2000-2007  Pro UEFA Coach: UE Cornella, Manlleu…
  • 2007-2009  Pro UEFA Coach: RCD Espanyol 
  • 2010-2013  Pro UEFA Coach: Catalan Federation
  • 2014-2015  Pro UEFA Coach and Scout: Ponferradina
  • 2016-2017  Pro UEFA Coach: Quingdao Huanghai
  • 2017-2018  Consulting Services
Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
Help a AYSO team out


soccer camps in barcelona spain


  1. Tier 1 – $150  Supervise/conduct 2 AYSO soccer practices and 1 league game.

2. Tier 2 – $250  Supervise/conduct 4 AYSO soccer practices and 2 league games.

3. Tier 3 – $500  Supervise/conduct 8 AYSO soccer practices and 4 league games.

***FREE ADVICE for 1 season for the teams that buy a Tier 3 package.

***We also offer individual soccer lessons to players.

***For a list of soccer coaches in all US states visit us here

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