Top 5 Individual Soccer Training Drills

What are the top individual soccer training drills? soccer drills girl joggling

Practicing soccer with friends and coaches is fun and engaging, but what happens when you’re own? No worries, practicing on your own is just as effective as with others. For those struggling to find ways to train on their own or just have no one around to kick it with, here are a few individual soccer training drills you can try on your own that are fun and help improve your game.

Kick a Ball Against a Wall

This is a drill that most people do out of boredom without realizing how effective it really is. First, find a large wall with plenty of space, preferably a concrete or brick wall. Start by kicking the soccer ball into the wall over and over again using just one touch. As you get more comfortable, start increasing your power and moving farther away from the wall, as well as aiming to different sections of the wall. As an added challenge, try using your non-dominant foot to get used to it. This drill gets you comfortable with one-touch passing and increases your control and touch in tight situations.


There’s a reason why the simplest drills were put first, since they are absolutely fundamental to mastering ball control, an important aspect of the game. The best way to master juggling is not to rush. It’s impossible to master within a day and takes years of practice to fully master. But once you become good at juggling, your soccer ball control will become a thing of art. Start by getting five kick-ups in a row, then 10, then 15, and so on. Once you become good at juggling, keep track of your personal record so you have the drive to beat your best score and get better. Challenger yourself by integrating different body parts and tricks to your juggling.

Tight Space Dribbling

This drill is a little difficult, but it will enable you to become extremely comfortable with the ball by increasing your close-control. Use cones or bottle to set up a triangle or square big enough for you to move in but small enough to require small touches to move around the shape. The aim is to dribble inside the shape for as long as possible without letting the ball leave the shape. Try to use your less dominant foot once you’re comfortable on your dominant foot.

Dribble Around Cones

Rather than setting up the cones in the old-fashioned straight way (although it’s a good warm-up), set up your cones in a wacky shape to dribble around. Practice soccer dribbling with speed, using both feet, using just your non-dominant foot, then slow dribbling. This drill focuses mainly on increasing your dribbling skills.

Just Shoot!

No goalkeeper? No problem! Just shoot on an empty net to practice aiming and shooting technique. If you don’t happen to live near a soccer field, shoot on a wall and use tape to mark where you’re aiming. Practice curving the ball, dipping the ball, and adding power to your shots as you work on shooting.

What is your favorite individual soccer drill?

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