Top 4 Kids Soccer Games of all Times

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One of the benefits of soccer games is that it gives kids an outlet to exhaust all of the raw energy they have stored. However, if they aren’t occupied with something, they will do anything but listen to you. This is a problem  soccer coaches that train kids face, since to them, footwork drills will be boring to them and it won’t keep them focused. Rather, here are a few games you can try that incorporates a few drills and is fun for all.

Keep Away

An age-old favorite that tests your players’ reaction time, passing ability, and vision. Split everyone into groups of four. Set up the game by designating one person as the defender. Their job is to successful take the ball away from the other three players passing it between themselves. To challenge your players a little more, put a limit on the number of touches they can have before passing the ball.

The Circle

Set up a large circle big enough to accommodate your entire team. Make sure every player has a ball. The object of the game is to keep control of their ball without it leaving the circle. Players can also kick each other’s balls out of the circle to make the game even more interesting. The game improves dribbling, vision, quick footwork, and a little bit of tackling.

soccer games for kids


Using small goals, split your players into groups of two and have the goals lined up about 25 feet apart from each other. The game is a mini-scrimmage that improves ability in one-on-one situations and dribbling.


For this game, use cones that can be tipped over by a ball. Set up about 10 of those cones in the middle of a circle of players. Set up the players about 20-30 feet from the cones. Each player has a ball and the object of the game is to knock over the most cones by kicking the ball into the circle of cones. This game tests accuracy, power, and strength.

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