Temecula Adult Soccer Opportunities

Are you interested in the Temecula adult soccer opportunities? Here is probably the best

personal soccer trainers

Interested in being a Private Soccer Coach, CLICK here.

Soccer all year round: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Tuesday nights: Women’s & Men’s Open & Coed

Thursday nights: Men’s 30 A & B

Friday nights: Open Competitive Coed & Recreational Coed

Sundays: Women’s Open, Coed A & B, Men’s Open, Men’s 30, Men’s 40 & Men’s 45

Our seasons consist of ten games plus play offs, Champions vs. Champions games and Inter Liga Championships when teams are interested to travel to play against other towns. We also hold an annual All-Star Game with teams’ MVP’s and Managers by Jan 2nd.

The single fee to play on a group is around $65 per season. This comprises referee costs, fields, lights etc. -Uniforms are a team thing-.

Sign up and generate a profile online in the My Account tab. Once registered you will join a team and pay your player “credits” online by taking a few simple steps.

Hopefully you enjoy playing in our group and we hope to see you out on the field!

GAME 3 NOTICE: All players must be playing with matching uniforms. This consist of same color socks and shorts. All jerseys need a number. Any player not following this rule will receive a yellow card and be ejected of the field for 2 minutes and may not come back to the field of play until the uniform adjustment has been completed.

PLAYER/TEAM FEE DEADLINE: All player/team fees are payable, in full, no later than the start of Game 2. A $10 late fee for single players & $100 late fee for team fee will be considered to any players or teams not paid in completely by this deadline.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: We offer gift certificates!! Gift certificates can be obtained in any value and can be utilized for any Triple R package or articles. Certificates can be exchanged for soccer credits, used to buy Honors Gala Tickets or to purchase merchandise. CASH ONLY

And if you are interested in being a private soccer coach in the area, click HERE.

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