Soccer Volleyball Games to Improve Passing Skills

Soccer Volleyball Games to Improve Passing Skills

Minutes: 20

Players: 8 to 16 (2 equal-sized teams of 4 to 8)

Objective: To receive and control balls dropping out of the air.

Setup: Play on an outdoor volleyball court, if available. If not, use markers to form a rectangular area 20 by 40 yards. Stretch a net or rope about six feet high across the center of the court. Station one team on each side of the net. You’ll need one soccer ball. Award one team the serve to begin.

Procedure: Players may use their head or feet to play the ball. The server positions behind the endline. The ball must be chipped (off the ground) over the net and land within the opponent s court to constitute a good serve. The ball may bounce once before it’s returned, although it’s also okay to return the serve with a first-time volley. (This applies to all plays, not only service returns.)

Teammates are allowed to pass to one another in the air before returning the ball over the net. A fault occurs if
• the serve or return fails to clear the net,
• the serve or return lands out of bounds,
• the ball bounces more than once, or
• a player uses arms or hands to pass or control the ball.

If the serving team commits a fault, it loses the serve to opponents.

Scoring: Only the serving team scores points. The serving team earns 1 point for each fault by the receiving team. The first team to score 21 points wins. Play three games.

Practice tips: Soccer volleyball is a good choice for the day after a match, when players are physically tired and have sore muscles. This game is not appropriate for younger players who lack the skill or physical maturity to serve and receive the ball out of the air.

Soccer Volleyball Games Training Passing Skills
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