Soccer Training Skills for Dribbling Speed and Control

Need to improve your soccer training skills for dribbling speed and control?

Slalom Dribbling Race Training

Procedure The Training

Minutes: 10 to 15

Players: Unlimited (groups of 3 to 5)

Objectives: To improve dribbling speed and control; to improve fitness

Setup: Teammates line up in single file facing a line of 6 to 10 markers. Allow three to four yards between markers. Each team needs one ball.

Procedure: On your call of “Go!” the first player in each line dribbles as quickly as possible through the slalom course, weaving in and out of the markers front to back to front. On returning to the starting line, the dribbler exchanges the ball with the next player in line, who repeats the circuit. Teammates dribble the course in turn. The team whose players complete the course first wins the race. Repeat the race several times, with a short rest between each.

Scoring: Teams get 10 points for winning a race, 8 points for second place, and 6 points for third place. Penalize players 1 team point for each marker bypassed or knocked over. Determine team point totals by subtracting the total number of penalty points from points awarded for the team’s order of finish in the race. The first team to 50 points wins the event.

Practice tips: To make the game more difficult, reduce the distance between markers or increase the number of markers.


soccer training skills for speed and control

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