Soccer Training Games: Heading and Shooting

What are the best soccer training games for heading and shooting?
Heading and shooting skills put the finishing touch on a successful attack. This is easier to say, because scoring goals is the single most difficult task in soccer. During the 2002 World Cup, soccer training games heading the balltournament players such as Ronaldo of Brazil, Raul of Spain, and Michael Owen of England received most of the media attention—and rightly so. These players and a handful of others form a select group of world-class scorers. They are the ultimate marksmen of international soccer. Although a goal scored is generally the result of a team effort, the player who can consistently finish the attack by putting the ball in the back of the net is a rare and valuable team member.
Success as a goal scorer relies on several factors, one of which is the ability to shoot with power and accuracy. Intangibles such as determination, anticipation, confidence, composure under pressure, and a desire to score also are crucial. Players might use several shooting techniques during the game, depending on whether the ball is rolling, bouncing, or taken directly out of the air. The instep drive is used to strike a rolling or stationary ball. The full volley, half-volley, and side volley are used to strike a bouncing ball or a ball that’s dropping from above.
Soccer is the only sport in which players literally use their heads to propel the ball. Scoring opportunities can originate from balls crossed from the flank, corner kicks, free kicks, and long throw-ins. A player uses the jump header technique when leaping above an opponent who is also trying to head the ball. The player uses a two-footed takeoff to jump up, arches his upper body back, and then snaps forward at the waist to contact the ball on the flat surface of the forehead. During an attempt to score, the ball should be driven on a downward plane toward the goal line. The dive header technique is an acrobatic skill used to score off a low-driven cross traveling across the goal area. The player dives parallel to the ground with the head held firm and tilted back. Contact is on the flat surface of the forehead, with arms and hands extended downward to break the fall to the ground.
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