Soccer Training Drill To Improve Individual Defence and Dribbling Skills

Soccer training drill to improve individual defense and dribbling skills

Minutes: 10 to 15 Players: 10 to 18

Objectives: To improve individual defending; to develop dribbling and shielding skills; to improve fitness.

Setup: Use markers to form a rectangular area about 25 by 35 yards. Designate two players as defenders, who stay without balls outside the area. Remaining players, each with a ball, station in the area.

Procedure: Players dribble randomly within the area. On your command, defenders enter the area to give chase and gain possession of a ball. Players who lose their ball to a defender immediately become defenders and attempt to steal someone else’s ball. The defender gaining possession of a ball keeps it and becomes a dribbler (attacker). Play is continuous as players alternate playing as defenders and attackers.

Scoring: None

Practice tips: Have players use either block or poke tackles to dispossess a dribbler. Don’t allow slide tackles because of the crowded conditions. Designate additional defenders to make the game more challenging for the dribblers.


Soccer Training Drill To Develop Individual Defence and Dribbling Skills

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