Soccer Training Drill To Improve Dribbling, Shielding, & Tackling Skills

Looking for a soccer training drill to improve dribbling, shielding and tackling skills?

Minutes: 10 to 15

Players: 10 to 20

Objectives: To improve dribbling, shielding, and tackling skills; to improve fitness

Setup: Use markers to form a rectangular area about 25 by 30 yards. All players stay within the playing area, each with a ball.

Procedure: To start, players dribble randomly within the area, avoiding all other players. On a signal from you, the exercise becomes “All Versus All/.” Each player tries to kick other players’ balls out of the area while keeping possession of his or her own ball. A player whose ball is kicked out of the area is eliminated from the game. Eliminated players practice ball juggling to the side of the field area. The game goes on until only one player remains in possession of his or her ball. Repeat the activity several times.

Scoring: None

Practice tips: Vary the size of the area depending on the number of players. Require players to use either the block or poke tackle when attempting to steal a teammate’s ball. Don’t let them slide tackles because of the crowded conditions.


Soccer Training Drill To improve Dribbling, Shielding and Tackling Skills

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