Soccer Training for Defense Skills & Win The Ball

Are you looking for a soccer training for defense skills?

Take Over The Ball Training

Minutes: 5 to 10

Players: Unlimited (entire team)

Objective: To execute a takeover maneuver (possession exchange) with a teammate

Setup: Use markers to form a rectangular area 25 by 30 yards. All players position within the area, with one ball for every two players.

Procedure: All players move randomly throughout the playing area. Those with a ball dribble, those without a ball jog at half to three-quarter speed. Dribblers look to exchange possession of the ball with one of the free players, using the ” takeover” maneuver.

Scoring: None

Practice tips: Players communicate with each other through verbal signals or subtle body movements. When executing the takeover, the player dribbling the ball should control it with the foot farthest from an imaginary defender. To make the game more difficult, add one or two passive defenders to the exercise.

soccer training for defensive skills win the ball
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