Soccer Dribble Technique Training

Is there any specific soccer dribble technique training?

Speed Dribble Relay Training

Procedure The Training

Minutes: 10

Players: Unlimited (in pairs)

Objectives: To improve dribbling speed; to develop aerobic endurance

Setup: Play on a regulation field. Use the front edge of one penalty area as the starting line and the halfway line as the turn-around line. Players pair off and station along the starting line, with one ball per pair.

Procedure: On your call of “Go!” one member of each pair dribbles at maximum speed to the halfway line, turns, dribbles back to the starting line, and exchanges possession of the ball with his or her partner, who in turn dribbles
the circuit at top speed.

Scoring: The first pair to complete the circuit (penalty area to halfway line and back to penalty area) wins the race. Run at least 10 races, with short rests between each.

Practice tips: The technique used when dribbling at speed differs from that used when dribbling for close control. Rather than keeping the ball close to their feet, players use the outside surface of the foot to push the ball two or three yards ahead and sprint to it. Adjust the race distance to accommodate the ages and abilities of your players. Shorten the distance for players 10 years old and under.

Soccer Dribble Technique Training
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