Shadow Dribble Soccer Coaching Drills

Here is an example of shadow dribble soccer coaching drills?

Minutes: 10

Players: Unlimited (in pairs)

Objective: To improve dribbling skills through the use of subtle body feints, sudden changes of speed and direction, and deceptive foot movements.

Setup: Pair each player with a partner. Play on half a regulation field, one ball per player.
Procedure: Partners dribble randomly throughout the area, one leading while the other closely follows. The trailing player attempts to mimic, or shadow, the movements of the leader. Partners change positions every 45 to 60 seconds.

Scoring: None

Practice tips: Players should keep their heads up while dribbling to maximize their field of vision. Emphasize fluid and controlled movement with the ball. Make the exercise more challenging by requiring players to increase their dribbling speed or by reducing the playing area so that players must keep close control of the ball within a confined space.


shadow dribbling soccer coaching drills

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