Real Madrid Foundation Summer Soccer Camp (Spain)


What will you be doing in the summer, would you enjoy this summer alone like you’ve always done before or enjoy it with friends in a completely different but a perfect environment that you’ve always dreamed of! The only place that could offer this excitement is Real Madrid soccer camp in Spain.

The Real Madrid Campus Expersience is a Foundation project that presents a great opportunity to partake in teaming up with colleagues, and to have the knowledge and share in the core values of the great institution, Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is one of the top clubs with a rich soccer history in the world, having won 33 Spanish League Titles, 19 Spanish Cups, and 12 UEFA European Champions League Titles, an achievement that no team has come close to. Real is considered as the most famous football club in Spain and in the world. Now this great club is presenting you with the chance to partake in the best and most attended soccer coaching program this summer. The program comes with it series of packages to make it an unforgettable experience for you, you won’t just get to enhance your football skills, but you’ll get to know about Spanish culture and above all, make new friends from different part of the world.

gareth baleWhat will it be like to visit the Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium that has accommodated some of the best players in football history, players like Alfredo Di Stefano, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo da Lima, Cristiano Ronaldo etc. It’ll certainly be a lovely experience.

In 2016, about 3,000 population of kids from 80 countries participated in the Real Madrid Campus Experience. The opportunity is opened again to boys whose age are between 7-17 and the sole aim is to enable them experience different aspects of the game which combine sporting activities and adequate learning.

Real Madrid Campus Experience also make sure participants get to enjoy several delightful activities even in their leisure and they’ll be instilled with core values that Real Madrid are known for; Respect, Teamwork, Hard work, Leadership and self-control.

Children between the age of 9 to 17 years who have enjoyed playing football and have reached a proficient level andReal Madrid Foundation Campus Experience Soccer Camp are registered (licensed) players in their hometown football clubs will get to enjoy technical training in order to help enhance their footballing ability and they’ll get to know as a player different phases of the game just like Cristiano and Modric, putting age into consideration and conditions for soccer .

The time to enjoy an enriching sports, innovative and educational activities combined with fun is right now and the best place is at Real Madrid Campus Experience.


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