Multi Goals Soccer Training Drills

Looking for good multi goals soccer training drills?

Minutes: 20

Players: 8 to 14 (2 equal-sized teams of 4 to 7)

Objectives: To develop passing and receiving skills; to improve one-on-one marking; to develop aerobic endurance.

Setup: Play between the penalty areas of a regulation field. Position cones or flags. to form five goals (three yards wide) randomly positioned within the area. Use colored vests to differentiate
teams. You’ll need one ball. Do not use goalkeepers.

Procedure: Award one team possession of the ball to begin. Teams can score in all five goals and must defend all five goals. Players score by completing a pass through a goal to a teammate stationed on the opposite side. The ball may be passed through either side of a goal but not twice consecutively through the same goal. Play is continuous. Change of possession occurs when the defending team steals the ball or when the ball leaves the playing area last touched by the attacking team. Change of possession does not occur after each goal. Regular soccer rules apply, except that the offside rule is waived.

Scoring: Teams score 1 point for each pass through a goal to a teammate. The team scoring the most points wins.

Practice tips: Prohibiting consecutive scores through the same goal encourages players to switch the point of attack to penetrate the goal area with the fewest opponents. Require one-on-one marking to reduce the space and time available for players to pass and receive the ball.

Multi Goals Soccer Training Drills
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