How to Become a Soccer Coach

As of this writing there is no official certification on how to become a soccer coach. However there are a great deal of agencies and organizations that will private soccer coachinghelp you.  If you become a certified soccer coach, it will help you become more appealing to people and it will help give you insider information about soccer and coaching in general.

When it comes to learning how to become a soccer coach, you will want to familiarize yourself with the game and coaching people.  If you have never played before, watch soccer practices and games of recreational and competitive soccer clubs.  Even if you have played soccer but have not coached, watch how coaches run a practice.  When finding out how to become a soccer coach take the time to schedule an interview with a successful coach to learn how they became a soccer coach and any tips and tricks they may have.

Another important thing in learning the “abc” of soccer coaching is you will want to get experience in coaching.  When coaching, try starting with a younger age group and work your way up to intermediate and/or middle school levels and kids.  Many recreational leagues rarely require a coaching license or even experience from volunteer coaches who supervise young children.  A background check may be required before you do this.  Doing volunteer work when it comes to becoming a soccer coach will help you greatly.  You will not only be able to learn how to become a good soccer coach you will be helping teach children how to play soccer.

For some soccer coaching you will need to obtain a certification.  It is often required for high school and above.  You will need five years of coaching experience on any level to become eligible for the certification required to be a soccer coach for a high school team. If you want to be a private soccer coach, you do not need any certification.

Many school districts will give preferential treatments to any coach applicants who are currently teachers in the school district.  If you are not a teacher you can bolster your soccer coaching resume by becoming involved with summer travel teams or other teams that play year round.

When choosing how to become a soccer coach, experience playing high level soccer will help you greatly.  It helps because playing soccer will teach you about the game.  It will help you learn to comprehend the strategic, tactical, and athletic challenges of the game you may not have played before or may have even been aware of.

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High level soccer play is also a great networking opportunity for your future on becoming club or personal soccer trainer.  Some groups will even require every member of their coaching staff to have played college or professional soccer before they began their coaching career.

To help you with becoming a soccer coach look into coaching certification with a local organization that is affiliated with a state or federal soccer organization.  Obtaining this certifications and working your way up will help you with how to become a soccer coach and will make you more appealing to people who are looking for soccer coaches.

If you are uncertain on where to start, the schools that you may wish to coach at will be happy to give you information on learning how to become a soccer coach.  They will also be happy to point you in the right direction to help you along your career.

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