FC Barcelona Youth Soccer Academy

What do FC Barcelona youth soccer academy consists of?Soccer Camps in Spain FC Barcelona Escola Soccer Camp

If there is a soccer academy out there for boys of age 11-17 that blends a special kind of enthusiasm that is unsurpassed and a commitment that gives a lasting imprint, then it is FC Barcelona soccer academy.

The players will get to encounter training sessions that are specially planned through an official enterprise with arguably the world’s greatest soccer team and the professional coaches in their soccer schools.

To know what it feels like to be a Barca player, you’ll enjoy a total access to Barca’s training methods and facilities at their official home turf, the Ciudad Deportiva in Spain. There’ll be soccer camps to be acquainted with tactics and strategies used by Barcelona to tumble opponents, also, pre-and post-game analysis, psychology and sports nutrition combined with a visit to the mighty Nou Camp! What can be more enthralling?

In addition to having access to top-class training premises, they’ll also appreciate cultural trips and visits in the city.

The FC Barcelona camp responsively accepts boys players between ages 11 -17 years, whose love for the game is genuine and have the desire to progress their technical skills, have lots of fun and get to be the best player they can be. Read more here.

FC Barcelona “Mes que un club/More than a club”

FC Barcelona was founded in 1899 and the club is greatly rated for not just being an incomparable and well-known soccer club, but for the kind of values the club spreads on and off the turf. Values that are unmistakably seen in players who are not just remarkably soccer players, but are great examples for generations of soccer players around the world to imitate. One of the very reasons why it is rightly “More than a club”

The vast and fruitful history of Barcelona sets it apart from every other club in the world, making it one of the most decorated soccer clubs, in terms of achievements, compliments and worldwide endorsement.

FC Barcelona signifies a lot to the city of Barcelona and the people of Catalonia who values and regards Barca as their national team.

Very few international teams can be compared to Barcelona in terms of their successful philosophy of forming home grown players by the means of FCB youth academy and are progressively incorporated into the first team. Few clubs can pride themselves of Home grown players such as; Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique,  Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Busquets, Thiago and etc.


The ultimate FC Barcelona Experience is to train just like the champions do, whether you’re contemplating a spot in your school soccer team or you’re looking forward to achieve more in your studies. The official FC Barcelona Soccer academy will help you achieve more beyond soccer, they’ll help you with setting of your goals and reaching them.

There’ll be training for every single day of the week aside weekends. Two sessions on the soccer field at the Ciutat Esportiva, followed by lunch at Residencia Sarrià after which you’ll enjoy soccer clinics with the Escola´s technical director on each skill.


Your appreciation of the game will be enriched through the soccer clinics that have been carefully designed. The clinics are led and taught by FC Barcelona staffs, guest speakers and experienced personnel in their respective areas.

Some of the topics include the history of FC Barcelona, theory of soccer, performance training, physical training, sports psychology, sports medicine and an FC Barcelona Museum Tour where you get to see trophies and numerous events that commemorated the history of this excellent club.

Wanna read more about the FC Barcelona Escola requirements. Learn more HERE.

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