FC Barcelona La Masia Academy

What is FC Barcelona La Masia Academy?

FC Barcelona La Masia refers to the lower categories and the soccer training methodology of the club, also known in sports slang with the term La Cantera. At present the entity has thirteen youth teams where players are formed both soccer and educationally wise and regarded as possible future players of the first team.

The structure – popularly known today as “La Masía” – encompasses the residence and training academy of Fútbol Club Barcelona. It takes its name from its original headquarters, the Masía de Can Planes, an old country house built in 1702. Once the Camp Nou was inaugurated in 1957, the building was remodeled and expanded to be used as the club’s headquarters, and then on October 20, 1979, it became definitely the residence for the young soccer promises. On June 30, 2011, the building closed its doors in a ceremony that gave way to a new training center and residential facility, located in the Sports City Joan Gamper, officially called La Masía-Center de Formació Oriol Tort, in honor of the renowned Oriol scout Tort Martínez.

In its first 30 years of history, about 500 children passed by with the dream of one day becoming elite athletes. The goal of Fútbol Club Barcelona is to train them sportingly and intellectually, although not all the children of the Catalan base have resided in the Masía, they are welcomed in the same way, teaching values such as respect and teamwork, all through the philosophy of the tiqui-taca that has transcended since the 80s, both in school and in the first team.

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The academy has been praised since 2002 as one of the best sports schools in the world, being the reason for much of the success of both FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team. Although one of the greatest recognitions worldwide took place on January 10, 2011, when three players trained in the club’s lower divisions, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi, were in the top three positions of the 2010 FIFA Ballon d’Or, a prize that distinguishes the best player of the year; a milestone never reached by any other club. To date the players emerged from La Cantera have been receiving various awards at individual level, among which stand out: 5 Gold Balls, 1 FIFA World Player, 3 Gold Boots, 5 World Soccer, 4 Bravo Trophies, 2 Golden Boy Awards , 23 FIFA Pro awards for Best Eleven and 3 Best Young Player.

In 2014, the French sports newspaper L’Équipe considered La Masía del Fútbol Club Barcelona to be “a true Catalan factory of champions“, contributing with 43 professional soccer players, 13 of them in its squad and the rest distributed in different leading teams of the five great European leagues.
The FC Barcelona holds tryouts and welcomes players from all of the world.

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Barcelona La Masia Academy

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