Cone to Cone Soccer Drills

Cone to Cone Soccer Drills!

Minutes: 12 to 18 (in 60- to 90-second periods)

Players: Unlimited (in pairs)

Objectives: To develop deceptive foot movements and body feints used to unbalance an opponent; to improve mobility and agility; to develop aerobic endurance.

Setup: Place two markers 10 to 12 yards apart on the sideline or end line of the field. Partners face one another on opposite sides of the line, between the markers. One player (attacker) has the ball, and the other plays as the defender.

Procedure: Neither player may cross the line that separates them. The attacker attempts to dribble laterally to either marker before the defender can position there. Play continuously for 90 seconds. After a short rest, players exchange possession of the ball and repeat. Play six rounds.

Scoring: The attacker scores 1 point each time he or she beats the defender to a marker with the ball under control. The player who scores the most points wins the game.

Practice tips: Combine deceptive body movements with sudden changes of speed and direction to unbalance the defender. Make the game more physically demanding by increasing the distance between cones to 15 yards. As a variation, organize a tournament with winners advancing to play different opponents.

Cone to Cone Soccer drills
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