How to Coach High School Soccer: The 3 Pillars

Is there a “best” way to coach high school soccer?

Understanding how to coach high school soccer is very tough. If you’ve coached club soccer you have to be less tough on the kids and if you’ve never how to coach high school soccercoached before you have to be able to provide them with the right knowledge so the players improve. Their’s a specific balance you need to know when coaching high school soccer as well as tips that will help you successfully coach high school soccer.

Train the right way. Not all kids are going to have the experience of playing soccer serious everyday. You don’t need to overrun them in training. If you’ve picked the right kids to be on the team then their more then likely in good shape. They need that energy to perform when it counts. The most energy they should use is when they have the ball. Along with this, you should keep the practices short. Practices should be no longer then 45 minutes. As you are coaching high school soccer you should know that students have other commitments such as homework, clubs and other things outside of school. Set out a plan of what you want to do before training, so when it comes to practice things run smoothly.

Manage your players. You have to know what players respond well to tough love and what players need an arm around their shoulder. In games, you have to recognize which players need playing time when you’re winning by a lot. Keeping players happy when you’re coaching them not only helps team performance, but improve things in school when it comes to your relationship with them as students. To manage your players you also have to know when your players are injured. Players are going to want to stay out their and continue playing, but whether they like it or not you have to take them out. When players are out injured you have to make sure they see a doctor. Once they are given clearance from their doctor, only then should you let them play.

Understand the game. Although you want to have fun, at the end of the day the kids will be more happier when they win. Going over team tactics before a game will help players realize how they can work together to stop a teams strengths and exploit their weaknesses. In high school soccer some teams take the game serious, but some don’t. So you have to prepare your players for different game situations. They have to know when to sit back and when to press. They have to understand when keeping possession is beneficial and when being direct is beneficial.

Overall, coaching high school soccer is beneficial for yourself, as you learn new things that you wouldn’t learn as a club coach or as a coach for a different sport. Its all about finding the right balance in each situation.

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