Best Soccer Specific Training Program

Is there a soccer specific training program?

In the game of soccer professional players and players in training have to go through a rigid process in order to get better at the game. As they go through this rigorous training, it is advisable that players are fully dedicated to soccer as they will have to devote a lot of their time to training in soccer not only physically but mentally as well.

Firstly, one has to condition their legs at the beginning of training to see results faster. As we know, soccer primarily soccer specific training programinvolves the legs and so as a player one has to engage in squats and making use of gym equipment for the legs to grow. A player should engage in running exercises daily making use of equipment such as Fitbit or armbands that track calories lost and steps taken. A player should do exercises regularly and with real dedication.

A player also needs to make sure he/she eats a healthy diet that is well balanced and energizing. Vegetables and energy drinks like Lucozade boost are very effective in helping with this. As a player grows through training, he/she would have to improve on their eating habits in order to avoid falling back to square one.

After improving on training with legs and beginning a healthy diet, a player can engage in endurance training exercises to help with their fitness and energy on the football pitch. An important thing that is usually missed when training in soccer is that although most people train on the pitch to last for ninety minutes. It is important that a sport should be treated as a sport because other things can come into play that could make a player ineffective for majority of those ninety minutes such as the thirty minutes of extra time during a draw, a player getting a red card and getting sent off, a less competent player that needs support will take more of one’s energy in the game. These are factors that shouldn’t be ignored and to go through these factors successfully, a player has to have endurance in addition to skill.

best soccer specific training programFurthermore, in the game of soccer a player should also train in the following aspects while interchanging between them strength, agility and flexibility are also important in soccer training, a player can use 1 hour every morning practicing yoga positions to let those muscles and bones lose and move faster on the pitch. A player also needs to practice in strength by making use of bodybuilding gym equipment such as dumbbells. A player should practice on their arms and overall physique to be successful at soccer.

In summary, as a soccer player begins training with legs he should endeavor to do leg exercises like squats for 5 minutes at the start then subsequently increasing the time every week. After this, a player also needs to make sure they eat a balanced diet every day without fail, following this training will be very beneficial when after two weeks a player begins to engage in endurance training.

The following links will help a player improve in soccer and surely help in planning out the training regime for a player:


In conclusion, engage in training and be mentally prepared for anything including self-doubt because every soccer player has experienced this. But if you keep your head strong, you will surely prevail.

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