Best Soccer Coaching School in the World

Looking for a reputed soccer coaching school? Look no further: all critics agree, Manarikua Residence, Bilbao (Spain). The residence of La Liga Athletic Bilbo CF. A legendary club with no foreign players. The academy: Bepro-Football, the experts in Spanish soccer.

At Bepro-Football we create and run a tailored project about a training camp considering different environments in order to assemble the youth teams of a soccer coaching schoolprofessional soccer club with our method. The aim is that the clubs shall have many soccer players at their disposal to play in the first team having developed its own identity in the structure instead of signing up professional overseas players.

The teams/academies and even players that travel to Spain might take advantage of the trip not only to play a friendly match but also to establish and develop training camps around the best facilities while providing our method, which incorporates science and technology.

international soccer camp in spainThere are many players that would like to train and compete outside of their countries to demonstrate their skills on the field but also to open their minds to learning other ways of playing soccer. Thus, players shall come at first for study (international school, university, soccer coach course or English/Spanish course), at the same time, they will have a guaranteed place in a Spanish soccer club to develop their sports skills and improve their level.

We organize conferences for coaching staff based on a new concept and innovative methodology, backed by a doctoral theses and research in multiple soccer academies, universities, and professional teams. The aim of these courses is to teach coaches how to make smarter players on the field. Moreover, we organize programs where the coaches who are interested in being as an internship coach in a Spanish/abroad club-academy from one month to nine months could join and learn. They will not only learn how to work in a new culture, but they will seek the background that is behind it.  soccer coaching school

Put the different clubs and academies in contact from around the world and be a facilitator agreeing to the demands of each party to create collaborative programs that benefit them.

With our soccer’s extensive network of contacts at national and international professional clubs, we also arrange competitive matches against their academies as well as trials for any promising player.


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