How to Become A Professional Soccer Player

Are You Asking Yourself How to Become a Professional Soccer Player?

Some people ask me how to become a professional soccer player. Well it is not that simple, but if you want to be a professional soccer player you have you have to follow the 4 elements for soccer success:

  • Physical Readiness
  • Technical and Tactical Awareness
  • Mental Strength
  • Nutrition Savvy

Once you have follow the specialists advice in these four areas, and you have tested it empirically, aka, your doctors, analysis and other tests can certify this, it is time to go to the following stage: Getting your marketing tools, that is, your weapons of mass destruction to work for you. It is time to start working on your:

  • Resume
  • Video
  • Portfolio

how to become a professional soccer player

You already created a functional and professional, right. Well now is time to start your action plan and execute it with precision. Do not forget to follow through, do not give up and knock on all doors.

Now you have to start being proactive:

  • Start a profile in Linkedin
  • Find agents in your target country
  • Look for tryouts
  • Think about academies in your country or abroad

Be patient. You will need a high doses of luck and avoid scam.

To your health.




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