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The Barcelona youth academy project will have its first two locations in Oceania. After the announcement of the opening of schools in Sydney and Brisbane (Australia) for the next season 2017-18. In this way, FC Barcelona will have permanent sports venues in the five continents next year. And will expand the number of soccer schools around the world to 33.

The sports school of FC Barcelona are permanently expanding to a territory. They have worked the last seasons with a great participative success of the hand of the BCN Sports partner. Who has been in charge of making different Barcelona youth academy weekly since 2015 both in Australia as New Zealand. He is also responsible for the Barcelona youth academy of Canada.

The Barcelona youth academy is the FC Barcelona’s own soccer school model. This model is aimed at boys and girls, whose main objective is the integral education of its students. This soccer school model, exported internationally. And aims to extend the Barça brand and transmit the work philosophy due to the values ​​of the Club to the rest of the world.

Barsa Values

The Barcelona youth academy work with their own, unique model, based on the Barça methodology from the lower categories up to the first team. Therefore, it is a creative and offensive style of play and with an indispensable transmission of values. Namely respect, humility, effort, ambition and work in team, with proven success results.

Currently FC Barcelona has a total of 25 active Barcelona youth academy. It is present in more than 170 campuses and 50 clinics, 40 countries on five continents and with the participation of more than 40,000 children. Between the different activities that they promoted in the coming weeks the Barcelona youth academy of Guatemala. And the one of Montreal (Canada) will open, and the opening is foreseen for the new season of Haikou and Chengdu, in China. And those of Austin and Virginia, in the United States.

Director of Barcelona Project

Franc Carbó, director of the Barcelona youth academy project. He commented that “as of next season we will be able to say that every day there is a child playing under the methodology of FC Barcelona in the five continents. A fact that makes us feel very proud. It also requires us to continue improving and expanding the Barcelona youth academy project.

The Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona, ​​probably one of the most important in the world, will open a training academy in Austin this year. With facilities in the Circuit of the Americas and the new Round Rock Multipurpose Complex.

The opening of the academy is part of a strategy of the Spanish giant to leave a bigger brand in the United States.  I will also have a global boost of its Barcelona youth academy project.

Flag of Spanish football

Barcelona youth academy, is the flagship school of the Spanish soccer club, which focuses on players between 6 and 16 years of age due to internal situations. The Barcelona Youth Academy, which teaches the methodology of Barsa. As well as its style of play, has academies in major international markets such as Tokyo, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Moscow.

New project in Latin America

“This new program will help local players experience first-hand best international, professional and development method It will also put Austin at a world-class soccer game level,” said Marc Segarra, co-founder of ISL Fútbol. A company of sports representatives that is the largest partner of Barcelona Youth Academy in the United States.

The details and dates were not yet established, but the inaugural training of the COTA training academy is scheduled for this summer. Because of that, the organizers hope to reveal more about their plans, including Round Rock, in early April.

The future

“As soon as you hear any name related to FC Barcelona, ​​it’s really something important,” said Lance Aldridge, executive director of the Austin Sports Commission. “The people of Barcelona saw several places before, but they decided for us,” Aldridge added.

“We are already hearing a positive reaction. This could give a big boost to the Austin soccer game level, “the official said.


Finally, we leave all the requirements to be part of the new soccer school that opened Barcelona Youth Academy.

If you want to be part of the new soccer school that FC Barcelona, we will tell you what all the requirements are.

Similarly, the Barcelona Youth Academy, is the first school opened in by one of the most important clubs in the world, FC Barcelona and currently has 3 locations throughout the country:

What are the requirements to participate?

The main requirement for being able to be part of the school is to be between 3 and 18 years old.

How will the training?

The training sessions are programmed as follows:

Pre Initiation: born in 2014 and 2015 with 2 weekly training.

Competition: 2 weekly sessions + 1 game day (Friday).

Technification: 1 day of training (Saturday).

Competition + Technification: 3 weekly sessions + 1 game day.

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