Barcelona Soccer School in Spain

Barcelona Soccer School in Spain

Barcelona soccer school Spain

Barcelona soccer school in spain, europe

This summer the big news is that FC Barcelona will not only bring their soccer school. They will settle to create a base Barcelona soccer school. They will operate in the Soccer City complex in IL,. From August 2017 to June 2018, destined for children, and girls from 6 to 16 years old.

“The peculiarity of this soccer school in Chicago is that it is a support program for kids who really want to learn soccer.  Our goal is not to create a club where children come to train every day. An academy where children already have their club but they want to learn more come here. It’s a complementary program to what they already do in their clubs, which we respect very much.

ISL administers four Barcelona soccer school in the United States and more than 32 Barcelona soccer schools nationwide. One of these camps will be held this summer from July 17 to 21 at the Olympic Park in Schaumburg, IL.

“When FC Barcelona and ISL come together, we always ensure that execution is a priority for marketing. For us what really matters is what happens in the field,” adds Segarra.

To enter the Barcelona soccer school, we will evaluate and select future participants of the school. Then have a first contact with the Chicago soccer community.

“We want to filter the level of the players that enter the academy so that there are no big imbalances,” says Segarra.

The future in Chigago

“Nothing seen before in Chicago, this is the first time in history that an official FC Barcelona activity exists in Chicago. Above all it should be clear that it is not a false activity, which is totally real and official of the club. This is not a hoax, “says Segarra.

The training at this school aims to allow players to accelerate their development. And also add an extra technical training to their current weekly soccer program.

“Our four basic pillars are to accelerate the youth’s soccer process.  Activate the talent, increase their confidence and help them achieve any goal on or off the field.” This is more than training because each child is different.  Personally working with each player to educating him on and off the field is paramount, “says Segarra.

To guarantee the authenticity and professionalism of FC Barcelona soccer school in Chicago, Spanish coaches with UEFA Pro license (maximum level) will work full time in this school. They come for a year but could be extended to more years.

Barcelona Brand

“The sports director of the academy comes directly from FC Barcelona. We also bring ex-players and Spanish coaches, although not from the club’s academy,” confirms Segarra.

“For every player that enters the academy we have a preferential right to send them to any Barcelona soccer school in Europe.  There is also the possibility that if the child is very good, he can go directly to the academy in Barcelona,” he adds.

The results of this academy, from where it came out for example Jordi Alba, can already be measured. We had very positive results and only in 2016 counted up to 43 professional soccer players who as children trained in a Barcelona soccer school. Now it comes to the United States where soccer is still developing.

“The third generation of soccerers is now starting in the United States. For the next generation, soccer here is going to be quite strong. But the base is still weak, especially at the level of basic concepts such as body positioning, coordination of movements. The intelligent player still needs to come, although in the younger generations of 6 to 12 years old they are already starting to see all these concepts, “says Segarra.

A touch of Class

To help this development FC Barcelona now lands in Chicago to set up a school. A school with a soccer style recognized and admired throughout the world. Where the Leo Messi, Andrés Iniesta, Gerard Piqué and Xavi Hernández are the great ambassadors.

“Our Barcelona soccer school Chicago will allow FC Barcelona to bring its official development methodology. To one of the most exciting youth soccer areas in the US Our style of play has produced world-class soccerers. Now we see a great projection in the whole area of Chicago”.

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