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Soccer is a team sport, yet at the very beginning of a player’s path, team activities are secondary. Instead, soccer training for kids should be focused on teaching them the basic technical skills and improving their body coordination.

One of the first things a youth soccer coach has to understand is that he is working with kids that will play on a professional level, not today, but in 10 or even 15 years time. That’s why it’s his duty to try to predict how soccer will be played in the future, and prepare the children in accordance with those demands.

Soccer training for kids begins with the child’s introduction to the rules of the sport and with how various players operate on the field. Afterward, it’s time for developing basic technical moves and explaining match tactics. Simultaneously, kids start to work on cultivating physical qualities necessary for soccer players.

It’s key for a coach to slowly advance the training process, without jeopardizing it or pushing the kids too hard. At this stage, children are focused on playing movement-centered games, as they mold their ability to perform soccer moves in competitive-like sequences while strengthening their character and physical qualities. This is also the point when they acquire theoretic knowledge about soccer.

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Another thing that a youth soccer coach needs to understand is that a boy or a girl isn’t just a smaller copy of a man or a woman. They have a specific mindset, a unique way of building relationships with their teammates, and overall anatomy. That’s why a coach can’t just recreate a miniature version of an adult soccer team training session and be done with it.

When you’re talking about soccer training for kids, you need to have the following goals in mind:

A coach needs to maintain and increase the child’s love for the sport. He needs to explain why the skills that kids obtain in soccer, will be useful in their lives, both on the field and outside of it. He needs to form a respectful atmosphere both between teammates and towards the team management.

The coach has to maintain a healthy relationship with the children’s parents and their PE teachers. It is his duty to teach the kids the basics of soccer, such as stopping and passing the ball, dribbling and passing around the opponent, shooting and dodging. A youth coach also needs to look after his players’ health, develop their physical strength and stamina, increase their coordination, decision-making and movement speed.

He is supposed to teach the kids that soccer is a team sport and that the interests of a team, always come ahead of their own. At the age of 8-9, the coach begins to show them group and team tactical plays, while preserving any display of individuality from the kids.

A youth soccer coach has to make kids understand that without a consistent training regime, success cannot be found in soccer, or in other fields of life. A youth soccer coach that adheres to these demands, will surely be prosperous in his work, which will benefit both himself and the children he works with.

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