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Cómo Llegar a Ser Jugador Profesional de Futbol

¿Te estás preguntando cómo llegar a ser jugador profesional de fútbol? Algunas personas me preguntan cómo ser un jugador de fútbol profesional. Bueno, no es tan simple, pero si quieres ser un jugador de fútbol profesional tienes que seguir los

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Best Soccer Practice Plans

Here is an example of soccer practice plans from the stars. WOSPAC, a Spain’s based company with great status in Europe: one of the firms with the highest technology and logistics. They offer different soccer services in SPAIN. OBJECTIVES FOR TRAINING

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4 Soccer Games for Kids That Rock

Looking for soccer games for kids? One of the positive things about soccer games for kids is that it allows kids a vent to expend all of the vitality they have in store. Nevertheless, if they aren’t engaged in an

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How to Become A Professional Soccer Player

Are You Asking Yourself How to Become a Professional Soccer Player?  There are several opinions on how to become a professional soccer player. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. People love to watch professional athletes

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The Finest Soccer Tours and Trips to Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia..

Are you looking for the finest soccer tours and trips to Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia…)? Then you are in the right place. Read more.  One of the most desirable destinations in the world to have a perfect holiday for you

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Spanish Soccer News, Academies, Schools, Clubs, Tryouts

Do you like Spainish soccer? Learn more here. The Primera División, commonly known as La Liga and as La Liga Santander for sponsorship reasons with Santander, is the top professional association soccer division of the Spanish soccer league system. Managed

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FC Barcelona La Masia Academy

What is FC Barcelona La Masia Academy? FC Barcelona La Masia refers to the lower categories and the soccer training methodology of the club, also known in sports slang with the term La Cantera. At present the entity has thirteen

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The Best Soccer Academy in Europe and the World

Some people are asking me as an soccer expert what is the best soccer academy in Europe and the world? The short answer and the best is very simple: UE Cornella in Barcelona, Spain. This academy is the best hidden

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FC Barcelona Escola Summer Soccer Camps

What do FC Barcelona Escola summer soccer camps consists of?  If there is a soccer camp out there for boys of age 11-17 that combines a special kind of excitement that is unmatched and an experience that gives a lasting

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Best Soccer Camps in Spain: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid

WHAT ARE THE BEST SOCCER CAMPS IN SPAIN?  Choosing the best soccer camps in Spain is not easy. But first let’s look at recent history of this soccer power. Over the past few years, spanning up to a decade, the

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