3 Main Benefits of Warming Up in Soccer

3 Main Benefits of Warming Up in Soccer 

Any aspiring athlete knows the importance of warming up before an important game, regardless of what game they are playing. When it comes to professional games, it is even more important for athletes to warm up. The three things that warm-ups will do for a professional player is to help them avoid injuries, enhance their performance, and help them concentrate better on the field.

It only takes 30 minutes to warm up before a professional game or practice. Virtually all professional players will do this under the guidance of their coach. There are a variety of warm-up exercises that they will do, but most of them typically involve sprinting on the field. Before that, of course, players will be doing intense stretching exercises to loosen up their muscles and tendons. The sprint exercises will follow the stretching exercises. Once those are finalized, players should be ready to start.

Preventing Injuries

Soccer is a sport which constantly works the quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and tendons of the legs. If an athlete were to go into a professional game without stretching and warming up their leg muscles and tendons, then they would likely pull a muscle or suffer an injury. Once that happens, they will ll no longer be able to play for the rest of the game. If the injury is bad enough, they might not be able to play for many more games in the future.

Better Performance

When athletes begin a game all warmed up, their entire body is ready for action. They have prepared their breathing, heart rate, and muscles for the intensity of the game that they are about to play. Use a fitness tracker watch please. If they were to skip the warm-up and just go from nothing to an intense soccer game, their body would be unprepared for all the stress being put on it. A warm-up helps their body get ready for this stress, so it can stay at its peak during the game.

 Better Concentration

Soccer is all about focus and coordination with your mind and body. If your breathing is steady and your muscles don’t hurt or ache, then you won’t be concentrating on anything other than the game itself. Players who don’t warm up are constantly focusing on their breathing during a game because they are out of breath. Plus, they will start to feel burning in their leg muscles and tendons which will be a huge distraction as they are out on the field. 

There are two types of warm ups: specific and general. Both are complementary.

Specific General
  • Exercises related to individual soccer drills.
  • 8-12 Minutes
  • Exercises to increase heart rate, deep muscle temperature, respiration, perspiration and to minimize joint fluids.
  • 5-10 Minutes

Figure 1.1. Types of Warm Ups

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